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2013 Legislative Issues

NWGA focuses on state issues for Oregon, Washington, and Idaho that include, but are not limited to, food safety, labeling, container redemption, OLCC and other state regulatory agencies, workers' compensation, labor law, lottery, and taxes.

NWGA Members: 2013 NWGA Legislative issues: (Click on the "Member Login" link for issue summaries and final outcomes.)

For list of NWGA issues by state:




SNAP Benefits
Liquor Privatization
Beer & Wine Cash law
Beer & Wine "Post and Hold" Law
Qualifying Initiatives or Referenda for the Ballot
Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Food Sampling
Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Selected Foods
Repeal of the Personal Property Tax
129K lbs. Truck Routes



SB 117 Bottle Bill Redemption Centers
HB 2398 Self-Checkout Prohibition
HB 2175/2532 GMO Labeling
HB 2928 Hazardous Substance Labeling
HB 3162 Chemicals of Concern in Children's Products
HB 3390 Paid Sick Leave
hb 2123 Pharmacy Benefit Manger (PBM) Reform
HB 2714 Pharmacy Health Testing
SB 460 Biosimilars
SB 488 Low Carbon Fuel Standard
HB 2800 Colubia River Crossing (CRC) I-5 Bridge
SB 678 Limiited Liability Corporations (LLC) Exclusive Remedy
HB 2702 Alcohol Impact Areas
SB 296 Wince Central Warehousing
HB 2870 Local Tobacco Taxes


HB 1009 / SB 5261 Self-Checkout Machines
HB 1161 / SB 5644 Spirit Sales at Wholesale
HB 1332 / SB 5396 Sampling
HB 1124 Spirit Taxes at Wholesale and Retail
HB 1368 / SB 5703 Liquor Taxes and Local Governments
HB 1066 Liquor Pricing
HB 1931 / SB 5149 Robbery in Pharmacies
HB 1183 Legend Drug Act
HB 1583 / SB 5459 90 Day Supply Limits
SB 5213 Medicaid Managed Care Review
HB 1870 Surcharging at the Check Stand
HB 1971 E911 Taxes
Initiative 517 Petition Signature Gatherers
HB 1294 / SB 5181 Children's Safe Products
HB 1310 / SB 5386 Plastic Bags
SB 5250 Plastic Bottles
SB 5252 Styrofoam
HB 1407 / SB 5073 GMO Labeling
HB 1457 / SB 5292 Mandatory Leave
SB 5124, 5126, 5127, and 5128 Workers' Compensation
HB 1954 / HB 1955 Highway and Road Funding