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Membership Advantages

NWGA provides priceless membership benefits and services including:

  • Government relations - NWGA is continually lobbying for fair industry regulation and legislation agenda items that include food safety, labeling, container redemption, OLCC issues, workers' compensation, labor laws and lottery, tax issues. NWGA is keeping the best interests of its members at the forefront of lawmakers' minds.
  • Partnering Members with Decision Makers - NWGA believes in bringing its members face to face with key decision makers, allowing the citizens who make the grocery industry work at the street level every day, deliver accurate data, testimony and debate. Whether it's a large group of members that blitz the Capitol on a particular issue, or a series of one-on-one meetings as part of a comprehensive strategy, NWGA customizes each lobbying effort to meet the politics of the day. NWGA is there to guide and help members every step of the way.
  • Political Action Committee (PAC) and NWGA Operations - NWGA is committed to electing legislators that are supportive of progressive policies that promote the Northwest's economy and demonstrate sound financial stewardship.
  • NWGA Annual Events - Face-to-face interaction with grocery industry leaders at NWGA events such as the Annual Meeting & Golf Tournament, and Legislative & Political Update..
  • The Express Lane - Features important legislative and regulatory information and timely industry news pertinent to the Pacific Northwest's grocery industry.
  • NWGA Website "Member's Only" Section - Valuable information available to NWGA members such as:
    • NWGA Legislative Issues
    • Full access to NWGA Publications including, The Express Lane articles and the President's Message
    • NWGA Legislative Accomplishments
    • NWGA Legislative Committees
    • Board of Directors
    • Membership Information
    • Fast State & Federal Agencies Links
    • Legislature & Government Offices
  • NWGA InfoNet - This is an Internet tool that is used to relay time-sensitive information to members. Participation is voluntary and messages are categorized by interest areas (i.e. food safety, mandatory labeling, alcohol and tobacco, etc.) Sign up for one item, all items, or none of the above.

Member Programs:

  • The NFM Coupon Redemption Program – A wholly owned subsidiary of NWGA. NWGA has teamed with Mandlik & Rhodes Information Systems, Inc. (MRIS) to offer this solid member program. For program benefits click here.
  • Abandoned Cart Retrieval Service - In a proactive approach, NWGA has worked with city governments to find a solution to the growing problem of abandoned shopping carts. NWGA offers a shopping cart retrieval service through our wholly owned subsiderary NFM Cart Rescue. NWGA strives to provide the tools each of our member retailers need to minimize losses in cart inventory due to stolen property, and to prevent assessed fines through city ordinances. Please contact Fred Speck at 503-899-2475 or fred@nwgrocery.org for more information.

Membership Eligibility

Membership in the Northwest Grocery Association (NWGA) is open to all industry retailers, wholesalers, brokers, manufacturers and suppliers in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Contact NWGA at 503-685-6293 / 800-824-1602 or info@nwgrocery.org to join today. Click here to fill out a membership application.